Corporate Indetity

Corporate Identity refers to the image of the organization that has chosen to promote it in its business environment. Every means used to get in touch with its broad environment (customers, suppliers, partners, investors, employees) is part of the corporate identity.

The outward image is made with a strong logo, with business cards, with the forms it uses, with the electronic documents it handles (both internally and externally), its presentations, the packaging of its products, promotions in the marketing (brochures, email marketing, newsletters, social media), advertising banners (participation in exhibitions and events), means of transport (corporate cars, trucks) and the internet.

All these tools should include the basic corporate features (eg color, fonts, style, design, material) and expose the business philosophy, dynamism, and openness.

Available Services

We provide the following services:

a) Creating Corporate Identity
With this service, we design for you all the forms your business uses. For electronic documents (office documents, presentations) we create and deliver the corresponding templates for MS Office. For print media, we select print materials and make sure they are printed. Printing is done on select printers that provide consistent quality services.

β) Participation in Projects
Our team can participate in a larger project by taking on the design of the corporate identity.
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We are interested in long-term cooperations

What interests us is to be your reputable collaborators throughout your professional career. Consistent and consistent quality of service!


WE keep thw time plans

We implement the projects carefully by following the time plans we have agreed upon. In our projects there are no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises for the customer!


We combine all the necessary skills

The team is made up of graphic designers and developers who co-exist in the same space and work with the best customer service!

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