The logo is a graphic element that directly identifies an enterprise, product, or service. The goal of the logo is to identify a business and to remain unforgettable in the minds of its customers.

It can consist of an icon or a word or a combination of icons and words.

The logo is directly linked to an enterprise, follows it throughout its life and is used in all its activities. It rarely changes and should, therefore, be original, representative of the business, and should be functional at the same time.

It is used in all printable and electronic documents of the company and on its website. He participates in all the promotional activities of the business and forms the basis for creating a successful brand.

Available Services

We can serve you with the following services:

a) Ordering a logo
With this service, we design your logo and deliver the electronic image files so you can use them in any circumstance.

β) Corporate Identity
With this service, we undertake to integrate your logo into the media that make up your company's corporate identity (letterhead, mailing, advertising, etc.). More information about corporate identity can be found here.

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We are interested in long-term cooperations

What interests us is to be your reputable collaborators throughout your professional career. Consistent and consistent quality of service!


WE keep thw time plans

We implement the projects carefully by following the time plans we have agreed upon. In our projects there are no hidden costs or unpleasant surprises for the customer!


We combine all the necessary skills

The team is made up of graphic designers and developers who co-exist in the same space and work with the best customer service!

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